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Manage your energy consumption SIMPLY!

Optimizer helps mining and construction sites to control and manage all their energy consumption with an innovative, easy to use and easy to finance solution. Optimizer combines all of the existing data sources on site to generate relevant KPIs. Please get in touch with us and let us show you our products in action!

Our Mission

Optimizer helps you address your main challenges regarding energy management


We make your energy management easier

Track record

Total has a successful track history in implementing our Optimizer solution.

Our Story

Our solution was created to meet the expectations of extraction sites that wish to lower their energy costs without heavily investing in extensive or expensive systems.

Our experience shows that our customers can start making significant savings by implementing easy-to-use solutions, which focus on the main overconsumption sources.

Our products have successfully been used by one of the world’s largest mining companies, notably allowing them to save up to 7% of fuel costs on site.