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A solution from the Total group

Optimizer leverages the experience and expertise that Total has gathered as a worldwide energy sector player. Operating across the oil, gas and solar value chains, Total currently markets its portfolio of products and services in 150 countries. This integrated model is the Group’s main strength—and puts it in a class of its own. It has made us resilient enough to navigate turbulence on global markets and is constantly enhancing our initiatives to protect the environment.

At Total, we are building tomorrow’s energy landscape today by gradually broadening our product and solution ranges, and by developing solar, biomass and other renewable energies. We are rolling out an uncompromising strategy to deliver on our commitment to better energy and our overarching goal is to improve energy efficiency in our operations by 1% a year on average from 2010 of 2020.

Optimizer is a perfect example of the Group’s aim to “become the responsible energy major.” It is up and running in several production plants where managers now have a tighter grip on their energy consumption and have the tools they need to reduce it. Our success stories from these partnerships are what prompted us to share our expertise with the rest of the industry around the world.

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