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Quickly identify new sources of savings


Here at Total, we’re familiar with tough environments like the one you work in. That’s why we’ve designed Optimizer to make your life easier. The visualization platform gives you one-click access to your dashboard from a single, customizable interface. It provides a quick and easy-to-read overview of the fuel, lubricants and power being consumed at your site, as well as the associated CO2 emissions.

In addition to simplifying the energy visualization of your site, the tailored alerts rapidly point you to unusual patterns so you can zoom in on the factors causing overconsumption. As well as helping you eliminate fuel theft and simplifying cross-checks with your financial records, Optimizer is the solution you need to make sure that your fuel, lubricants and energy are being used efficiently throughout your site.

An expert team by your side

Optimizer is simple to set up and easy to use on a daily basis. You won’t be making a substantial investment because it connects to the systems you already have in place. The only thing you need to run the solution is an internet connection.

Our expert team will also be here to help you make the most of Optimizer as time goes by. Their monthly reports will flag any anomalies and optimization opportunities, and they will be happy to share their insights on the energy-saving action plans that you want to roll out. Their tailored support will help you see tangible results fast and to use the tool’s full breadth of features autonomously.

The difference between optimizer and a fuel management system

Outil de management simple et efficace


Optimizer tracks lubricant distribution and power consumption in addition to fuel outflows. Your Fuel Management System is only one of the many systems that Optimizer can connect to (over API, FTP and other technologies).

Our solution aggregates the data from the Fuel Management System and other channels, cross-references it, and then feeds the results into a single display where you can track energy consumption and a range of other variables.

If you don’t have a FMS at your site, we can include a fuel and lubricant distribution reporting tool that records all your transactions.

Eco-driving contests and new-generation sensors

You can also use Optimizer to organize eco-driving contests for the vehicles with the highest burn rates in your fleet. These contests will do more than prompt your drivers to use vehicles more energy-efficiently and cut costs within days: they will also increase safety, shrink your environmental footprint and extend the life of your vehicles.

To do this, the system will gather data from additional new-generation sensors including GPS trackers and ID devices. The sensors you need will depend on your specific requirements and your site’s characteristics.

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