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Visualization Dashboard on laptop

Presentation video of the Visualization Dashboard

Demo Video

Visualization Dashboard

A single and personalized software solution that integrates all data sources on site into one simple Dashboard.

Optimizer includes fuel, lubricants, power, maintenance records, etc allowing an overall site picture, and includes dedicated alerts for each user.

This data can be accessed from anywhere in the world thanks to our secure web-based platform.

Distribution Reporting Tool

An application used by pump attendants and operators at both fuel and lubricant dispensing stations.

The DRT replaces the need for hand-written reports which are prone to error to record all product dispensed.

This is especially useful for sites where no Fuel Management System is in use.

Distribution Reporting Tool on tablet

Optimizer Distribution Reporting Tool (Eng)

Demo Video
Total expert on site

Presentation video of the Eco-driving contest

Demo Video

Eco-Driving Contest

Better drivers use less fuel. The organization of an Eco-Driving competition between operators of the equipment with the highest fuel usage helps to entrench safer, more energy-efficient driving behaviors which has a direct impact on the fuel costs.

New-generation Sensors

The installation of additional new-generation sensors, based on your specific needs and site characteristics.

GPS/ID sensor in a truck

Presentation video of the New-generation Sensors

Demo video


Expert analyzing site situation

On-site and remote consultancy

A team of advisors to continuously support you to obtain concrete savings, by helping you make your data reliable, by implementing the required process on site, and by helping you analyze generated statistics.