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Reduce wasted energy

Optimizer analyzes your energy consumption and CO2 emissions on the same platform. It identifies fuel, lubricants and power overconsumption hotspots simply and swiftly, so you can control energy use across your sites more efficiently.

Our solution gives you the strategic insights you need to easily reduce energy wastage to therefore optimize operating costs. This information is essential to measure your energy saving plan’s results and track progress. This is helpful in at least two ways: it will shrink your environmental footprint and help your company gain a competitive edge.

Encourage eco-friendly behavior

Maitriser votre impact environnemental (2eme par)


We designed Optimizer for everyone involved in an industrial site’s energy chain - simply because protecting the environment is everyone’s job.

It is easy to set up and use, it provides valuable data for managers, and using it to hold eco-driving contests is a very effective way of getting drivers and subcontractors on board.

The sensors on vehicles monitor driver behavior and you can use the findings to reward the drivers who use the least amount of fuel.

This is a way to reduce your site’s carbon footprint and to get your team behind your initiatives to reduce your operation’s environmental impacts day after day.

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